Obviously, without my mom, I wouldn’t be here. It’s more than that though. My mom is my best friend. When I was born, by father said he wanted nothing to do with me. On many ocassions, my father has clearly told me that he hates me. Through it all my mom has stood by my side, defended me when I needed her to, and is always my safe place.

Now, my mom needs me. My mom has periodontal-disease and it is eating her teeth away. Right now, she’s missing 12 teeth and more are needing to be pulled. We’ve gone through some hard times and my mother is everything to me. The problem is, I’m only 10. I heard about GoFundMe and knew that this was created for situations like this.

If you can help me raise this money, I will be able to give my mom back her life. She has helped to comfort me and make me smile when I thought I couldn’t go on and I want to see my mother smile. Please help me.

To donate to this cause, please visit my GoFundMe page by clicking HERE.

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